Action Bronson's Ramen Shop

Chef turned rapper extraordinaire Action Bronson loves food. Because of that, he's one of my favorite rappers. His lyrics are often about food and he even has his own Anthony Bourdain style food web series. What if Action Bronson opened up a ramen shop in his hometown of Flushing, Queens?—a neighborhood also known for it's authentic Asian food. I personally would love to slurp on some premium pork broth noodles with Action Bronson beats blasting in the background.

Step 1: Getting to know Bronson and his audience
First step was binge watching Action Bronson's Vice Munchies show—Fuck, That's Delicious. I studied what he chose to order, the way he talks, and the way he described his food. I also watched the crew that went around with him, who noticed him on the street, and who was at his shows. These are the people I want to appeal to with the restaurant branding.  

Step 2: Research and Moodboard
I pulled together a moodboard for the look and feel of the ramen shop that fuses together Action Bronson's love of hip hop with Japanese street food culture.

Now that I can start visualizing what this might look like, I wanted to put together a few Core Brand Principles. This just means pulling out a few core terms that can start framing our conversation around the brand identity.


Urban: Bronson's love for hip hop and upbringing in Flushing, Queens. 
Raunchy: Bronson's love for drugs, sex, and tongue and cheek dirty humor.
Multicultural: Bronson, birthname Ariyan Arslani, comes from an Albanian Muslim father who owns a Mediterranean restaurant and a Jewish hippie mother in Flushing, Queens. Combine that with Tokyo, Japan, the biggest culture influence to the world.
No Bullshit: Bronson's personality and lyrics are no bullshit. This represents his approach to his music and to life.

Step 3: The Brand Identity
Finally, taking the work i've done up to this point, I created the brand identity. I landed on a raunchy name for the restaurant—Fucking Fantastic. From there, I created the logotype and flushed out the identity assets for the branding system of the ramen shop. For an urban street style script, I chose the typeface Viktor—a new font from OHNoTypeCo, a collaboration between my buddies James Edmondson & Erik Marinovich (for sale soon!). Using the same sign-painterly strokes as the font, I created other visual assets included a Japanese ramen wordmark.


The menu would be simple and no bullshit—3 ramen offerings with lyrical Bronson names, and one appetizer of dry fried chicken wings. 


And finally, if Action Bronson had a ramen shop, I'd like to think he would get the logo tattooed on his chest.